Sick of getting the side-eye when you say “I’m a coach”?

Then this, friend, is the community for you.

Coach Pony is a safe space for new and growing coaches to build your confidence and learn the business side of coaching.


Because you’re not selling shoes—you’re selling yourself.
And that isn’t easy.

(We know you know.)

In order to serve in the way that you love, you need to know how to run a real business. It’s time to take the reins. We’ll show you how.

Why Coach Pony?

Coach Pony was founded in reaction to all of the sleaze on the internet and endless Facebook ads promising to help you make 6 figures overnight.

You won’t make 6 figures *overnight*.

Here’s a fact

But you can build an amazing business over time that meets your goals!

What about your name? Where did it come from?

The name “Coach Pony” started out as a joke, as a place-holder name for the business while we brainstormed ideas. But…it stuck!

We loved the idea of the word “COACH” for obvious reasons, and also its ties to the word “stage coach” which is where the term “life coach” originated. Just like a stage coach moves you forward, so does a life coach.

And the word “PONY” was chosen for several reasons: It’s lonely being a coach, we want you to know you’ve found your herd. Ponies take you places, let us carry you forward! Ponies are friendly and approachable, just like us!

Meet our founder.

The founder of Coach Pony and chief sweat pants wearer, Christie has helped over 30,000 coaches learn the business skills they need to succeed!

A full-time CPC since 2012, she started off as a career coach and was named a Forbes Top 100 for careers. Since then, she’s served thousands of paying clients in different niches. So just to be clear, she didn’t grow up selling coaching to coaches. No ma’am! She’s also the leader of an amazing international team over at Coach Pony, where our motto is “for coaches, by coaches” and also “good coaches deserve to get paid.” (We have a third motto involving chocolate and wine that we will spare you for the moment).


  • Want to coach full-time from the comfort of your couch or cozy home office?
    You can!
  • Want to travel the world and lead big online programs from the beach?
    You can!
  • Want to just work a few days a week and be chill and part-time?
    You can!

It’s entirely up to you *if* you are willing to put in the work.


Awesome! Let’s work together!

Join Build a REAL Business (BARB) and learn how to build a lasting business full of happy, paying clients. BARB comes with affordable step-by-step training, live support, and a real community that *totally* gets you.

Join over 1000 smart coaches and start doing what you love TODAY.