5 Lazy Ways to Create Content (When You Have Zero Ideas)

How to create content when you have zero ideas

Here’s some easy help!

Have you ever sat down looking at a blank screen?

You need to write that social media post…

Or type up that next newsletter…

Or just work on your book and yet…



No worries, it happens to all of us!

So, here are 5 quick ways to create content. Whohoo!

Lazy Way #1 to Create Content: Review current client struggles or questions

Review your coaching client notes.

Check out your email inbox.

Take a look at your client community (if you have one).

Where are your coaching clients struggling?

What questions are they asking that you’ve recently answered?


Grab that issue, question or problem PLUS your answer, and now you are cooking with gas.

Your content is already part-way written or outlined, all you have to do is flesh it out!

Lazy Way #2: Check out what you are reading

And I mean “reading” in super broad way.

Take a gander at your recent books, your LinkedIn feed, your Twitter feed, your Podcast feed.

You get the idea.

What sparks some interest?

What idea or information got you thinking?

Or maybe made you say “well, that’s 100% wrong!”

How can you provide a new angle to this topic?

Or just simply your unique perspective?

Grab something and break down why it’s right, why it’s wrong, how something worked for you, or just bring your own thoughts to this idea!

Lazy Way #3: Think about your coaching business. What’s been happening?

Think about what is happening to you personally, as you go about your day and work as a coach.

For instance: Did you get a weird email that can turn into a teachable moment?

Do you try to hire someone and get an experience that mirrors your clients and is worth sharing?

For instance: If you are business coach, did you have a bad sales experience? If you are a health coach, did you try a new gym or diet and it was terrible?

Did you find something new or cool – like a tool or approach – and it’s worth talking about from the perspective of your niche?

It’s a rich area to mine!

Lazy Way #4: Your passions and your philosophy

As coaches, we all have things we believe and lean into with our clients.

For me, I believe if you want to be successful as a coach you need to develop your 5 core business systems. See them here.

So, I can share content on what those systems are, how they work, and pitfalls to avoid. Each of these can produce multiple pieces of content.

Or to take another angle, we all have things are a super passionate about as coaches.

Your passions can be super aligned with coaching (like a date coach talking about attachment dating), or they can be niche relevant (like a date coach sharing her favorite first date lipstick and why she loves it on everyone).

Ideally they are both!

So ask yourself: What are you passionate about right now?

Answer that question, and voila. Content created!

But…what if you don’t have *any* ideas?

Well, let me introduce you to…

Lazy way #5: Take a walk


Sometimes it’s important to just move your body and let your mind wander.

This approach is two-fold: You’ll get energy, and you’ll likely come home with a host of new ideas for your content.

Some of them may even be good! 😉

(Whenever I do this I come back with 3-10 ideas. And…9 of them are usually bad. But all you need is one!).

So when you are really stuck step away from your computer and get outside.

You won’t regret it!

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I’ve got a helpful and easy answer!

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5 Lazy Ways to Create Content (When You Have Zero Ideas)