5 Different Ways to Make $150,000 as a Coach!

5 different ways to make 6 figures

But with actual numbers, rather than fluff.

You probably have money goals for yourself as a coach.

You want to replace your current salary.

Or hit a new level of income.

(All while helping people, which is awesome!).

But have you made the mistake most coaches make?

How do you make money as a coach? You plan it.

You haven’t planned out HOW to do it.

Optimism + planning is where you hit your goals.

So you bring the optimism and let me help with the planning!

Here are 5 wildly different ways to make $150,000 as a coach

Way #1: Sell five $2500 coaching packages per month.

That’s just 1.25 packages per week.

If you have a 25% close rate rate on your consults or free coaching sessions, then you’ll need to talk with about 25 people per month to make those 5 sales.

That’s less than one person per day.

Feels doable, right?

Way #2: Sell 150 people into a $1000 group coaching program.

That’s one sale every 2-3 days if your program is evergreen, which means it’s available all of the time.

Or, you can open it two times a year and enroll 75 people in each cohort.

If you do webinar launches and have a 10% close rate on your webinar, then you would need to have 750 people attend your webinar(s) for each launch.

Or launch 4 times per year if that feels more reasonable. Then you need to get about 35-40 people per launch, or about 400 people per webinar.

Way #3: Sell 15,000 copies of your $10 book.

That’s 41 book sales per day. You can sell from Amazon, from your website, from conferences, and so many more places.

If you spoke at a conference of 1000, and 30% of the attendees bought your book, you would have sold 330.

If you run Amazon ads, and spend $3 to sell one $10 book – then you can sell waaaay more than $15,000 :).

If you have an email list, and sell 20 books every time you send an email…

You get the idea!

Way #4: Sell 6 clients into a $25,000 coaching package.

This is more common if you are in the executive coaching arena rather than the life coaching, but it’s possible in any field with the right offer and laser focused niche.

In this scenario you would need to enroll one new client every other month.

Or get one client a month and take a several months off a year!

(I know an executive coach who does just this!)

Way #5: Sell 1500 clients into a $100 program.

1500 people may seem like a LOT.

However, when you do the math it is roughly 4 sales per day.

4 sales per day! That’s not so scary.

Here’s how you get there: If you have a sales page that has a 3-4% conversion rate, you would need 100-150 people per day to visit your sales page in order to make 4 sales per day.

Bottom line: It’s much easier to make money as a coach if you plan

So take a moment and plan.

What are you charging right now for your package, program or offer?

What is your revenue goal for the year?

How many clients do you need to get there?

Do the math. You’ve got this!

Need more help?

No problem!

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