20+ Years of Coaching: Here’s Our Best Advice!

No matter what level you’re at or what niche you’re in, you’ll make mistakes. It just means you’re human.

And you can still run an amazing coaching business even when you make mistakes.

All season on the Coach Pony podcast, Bobbi Palmer from Date Like a Grownup and I have taken trips down memory lane to share our biggest flops and what we learned about messing up with clients, contracts, events, social media and more.

To wrap up season three, we’re giving you the TL;DR version and sharing some of our best advice from this season, plus a few key bits you haven’t heard from us before.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • Our best advice from season three on business, programs and marketing
  • Why getting over yourself and getting yourself out there are key to coaching success
  • How to sell what clients want but give them what they need (so they can get what they want)
  • How to track your results to learn from your mistakes
  • How to find a community of coaches and why you need to regularly invest in training and education

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