13 Great Presents for Your Life Coaching Business!


It’s the holiday season, and as you buy another ugly sweater for Aunt Rachel and some games for cousin Earl, I’ve got a question for you: What are you buying for your life coaching business?

Business gifts don’t have to be expensive, and some can be 100% free :).

So, let’s take a look and see what might be super helpful for you now… feel free to tell Santa!


1) How about the gift of TIME? Spend 3 seconds putting on a tomato-timer whenever you really need to focus. Here’s the link!

2) Website help! Get a free website audit and find out all the places to improve your website with one of our favorite people.

3) And one of my favorites: The gift of BALANCE. Take a second and go through your calendar right now, and put down time to work on your business, time to work on your coaching, and time to just relax. Make these times recurring, so that you aren’t ever burning out – I know you’ve got a lot on your plate!

4) The gift of stress relief. Have you tried the Calm meditation app? It’s AWESOME.

5) The gift of knowledge. Read this incredibly informative long-form article on why most new fantastic life coaches fail, and what coaches really charge and then immediately feel better about why YOU won’t :).


1) Got $1.00? Then you have enough to buy this book on the 6 most practical ways to make money as a life coach.  If you are struggling with where to focus your energy and what to offer, you need to read this immediately (if not sooner!)

2) Do you have $13.00? Then you must read Essentialism – the disciplined pursuit of doing less. It’s the perfect book for the holidays, great to read and then use to help you plan your *extremely focused* 2019!

3) We love these thank you notes, which are a great way to stand out to new connections, clients, or to friends and family who are helping you with your business. Everyone loves a thank you note, right?

4) Then of course there are awesome planners, to help you envision your year. Here are some good looking ones.

5) Take $10 and buy someone coffee and a baked treat, and take the time to really connect with them in-person. Scroll through your LinkedIn connections or the people you follow on social media, and reach out and ask for their time. There’s such a boost from actually meeting face-to-face, nothing can replace that!


1) If you plan on doing a lot of webinars, podcasts, or anything involving audio, for the love of chocolate get a great microphone. Here’s the one we use at Coach Pony.

2) Take a look around your space, is the place where you are working helpful to building your business? Or does it need some de-cluttering and design help because it’s dragging you down mentally? If it’s the second, try getting a sample 3-D room layout done for you from the cool people of Modsy.

3) Ready to make your dream business real RIGHT THIS SECOND? Then sign up for Build a REAL Business and spend time over this holiday season learning how to set up your business (and also start actually doing it! Paying clients await!). We are here to support you 100%, and if you are someone who’d rather have results than reasons, we’d love to have you!

Note: We’ve used some affiliate links for a few of these recommendations, but as always: We’ve tried and tested anything we recommend and these ideas have all been selected personally by Team Pony from the safety of our couch :).