12 Holiday Gifts for Your Coaching Business

From free to cheap to more, we’ve got you covered!

Hey Coach Ponyling!

A long time ago I realized I was being stupid about my career.


I wasn’t investing in myself.

I expected my company to train me, and other than that I was on auto-pilot.

When I realized that, I set out to change things and treat myself as the CEO of my career.

So I started making investments in my learning, in my network, even in my style, to help me grow.

(My style was frumpy + rumpled. Frumpled?).

The more I invested, the more I got paid. The return on investment was GREAT.

Business is the same!

I make investments in my business learning, network and tools every single year.

Some are big ($14,000 photoshoot), some are tiny ($6 book or $5 coffee with a new friend).

It’s one reason why I’m successful and have built 6 and 7 figure programs.

Not because I spend a lot (I bootstrapped myself up, my first website was $400 and my first photoshoot was me and my sister in a field with her camera yelling at each other), but because I’m willing to spend any time and money on my business.

I know I’ll get back whatever I spend in spades.

So as we stumble deeper into this holiday season and you buy presents for friends and family, don’t forget to set aside some time, and if you have it, a few funds for your coaching business and yourself! Let’s talk holiday gifts for coaches!

Note: When in doubt, start with business training/learning, as that has the biggest return on investment. Learn *how* to run a business before investing in things *for* the business.

Here are 12 gift ideas for coaches to get you started!

Money Paths The Book: How to Make Money as a Life Coach – Free on Kindle right now!

Marketing Masterclass:
If you are wondering how to get clients, watch this free 14 minute class. We updated it recently just for you!

Canva: If you haven’t heard of Canva by now, let me say it’s an amazing design tool to help you put together documents, social media images, posters, ads, even stickers!

Soapbox: If you ever want to record short videos, do simple screenshares + videos, and even use a teleprompter while doing it, soapbox is for you!

Essentialism: If you want to find focus in your business, this book is a must read. I re-read it every year.

Jumpstart Your Business Bootcamp: If you are stuck, struggling, or not getting any traction in your business (or you love not wasting time and making progress), then grab Jumpstart and make your business happen!

Clinique Black Honey Lipstick: Not a lipstick, not a stain, I don’t know what it is but it looks good on everyone and I wear it a lot on video. It’s a 2-second way to perk up (if you need it!).

Collapsible Green Screen: Great for Zoom, video, etc, if you want to up your game and look more professional. If you’ve seen a Coach Pony video, you’ve seen mine.

Professional microphone: Great for recording podcasts, training, and live calls. I have mine mounted and I LOVE it.

Pilot pens: Because planning and strategizing is so much more fun in a wide variety of colors  – also love these as a left-hander, they dry immediately!

Cord organizer:
For me a cluttered space is not a space that is indusive to my best work. I have so many cords, and keeping them organized helps me focus.

Ecamm (for mac): If you are wondering how people do that cool thing where they do FB lives or Youtubes and have their logo onscreen as well as other interesting effects, this is it! I use it and love it.


Build a REAL Business: The fastest way to failure as a coach is to try and get clients and run a business *without* knowing how to get clients or run a business. This full stack training used by 1200 coaches teaches you what you need to know to start, grow and scale a coaching business and comes with daily and weekly live support! The best news? It pays for itself. Get 1-2 paying clients and you’ve made back all of the money you’ve spent. But our goal is that you get more clients than you can handle. 

🎉🎉One of our older career coach BARBers just last week crossed $250,000 annually in revenue! Another book coach BARBer had a client *asking him to pay more* than his $5000 fee because she was so happy with his work. Another newer life coach BARBer just closed a $4000 client with no objections after attending our BARB Sales Clinic. Why can’t this be you?🎉🎉

BARB is the training I wish I had had starting out as a coach, and so it’s my obsession to make it the best possible training to help you! All niches are welcome :).

Action: Choose something to invest your time and money in this season that will help your business. It doesn’t have to be on this list, but it does need to be something that moves your business forward.

What we invest in grows! Invest in your business so that it GROWS.