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You are a coach who could use a little help with the business side of things.

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How do coaches *find* clients?

What should you charge?

How much do life coaches make in a year?

Can you wear pajamas with chocolate stains and call them daywear?


People spend billions on coaching each year.

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Just a Slice

I’m brand new and overwhelmed, tell me what to do first!

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Who the heck are we?

Coach Pony is a community for new and growing life coaches who love to help people, see the good in most things, and want to learn how to do it all and live a pretty nice life…in short: Business training for coaches.

We’ve been featured in some places, won some awards and served some people.

tons of

You’ve Found Your Herd.

Welcome to the Ponyverse.

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What we’re saying is: it’s time to put on your comfiest sweatpants