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How To Plan Your Year (So You Get More Clients)

business planning for coaches

Ahhh…planning. Does planning for your business stress you out? Do you find it fun? Or is it under the box marked “do this at some point” ? :). I’ve taken several different approaches to planning in my business over the years, and I’m here to say that some of my ideas are brighter than others! […]

Burning Out As a New (And Old) Coach

This week I wanted to talk about business burnout. Business burnout is common whether you are a new coach, or an old hand like me. Newbies often burn out because they can’t get traction in their business – they are working really hard and not getting clients or paying the bills. Old hands burn out […]

How To Make Selling and Marketing Decisions (So You Don’t Waste Time)

I have a confession to make. I suffer from sparkly object syndrome. What that means is that in my business (and my life), I see something and immediately think: “I should totally do that!” and sometimes then rush off and do it. This is one of the things that really slowed down my business success […]