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Four Marketing Problems That Make You Want to Quit: A Case Study (Read This Before You Give Up!)

Marketing Problems that make you want to quit | Marketing help | Coaching Advice

Hey PonyNation! I was mooching around recently misting my orchids (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write), when the phone rang and it was one of my BARB students, who won a bonus call with me. She was stressed. She’d spent the last month putting herself out there as a coach, and she was […]

How to Price Private Coaching + An Inside Look at How I Priced Mine!

What you should charge as a private coach

You’ve done it! You’ve created a great private coaching program or built your first coaching course. Bravo! You step back, take a deep breath, and … …panic! What the h##%%%LL do you charge for it? If you ask too much, people won’t buy, right? But if you ask too little, you can’t pay your rent […]

How to Scale Your Business as a Newer Coach (And Make More Money Immediately!)

Here's how to make more money as a coach

Ready to scale your business? (Or just curious as to how?). I know it’s the middle of the summer and it’s that weird period where a lot vacation is happening…and a lot of motivation is maybe not happening? I’m definitely in what I like to call “a vacation push phase.” I say that because I […]